God Will Meet All Your Needs

Never will I leave you.
   —Hebrews 13:5

Affliction comes in sundry forms: physical, financial, relational, emotional.

God’s healing of affliction comes in one of three ways: immediately, gradually, or ultimately.

Sometimes God heals immediately; sometimes gradually, over months or years. When he doesn’t heal immediately or gradually, you have the promise of 1 John 3:2 that he will heal ultimately.

In Romans 8:37 Paul wrote, “We are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” He itemized circumstances that are powerless to separate us from God’s healing power of love: death, life, angels, demons, the present, the future . . . “nor anything else in all creation.” That covers it all.

You will win over affliction of any stripe because you have this promise: “God will meet all your needs” (Phil 4:19)—immediately, gradually, or ultimately.

You have limits. God doesn’t.
And he promises to meet all your needs.

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