Sunday is Coming

He has risen!
  Mark 16:6

The Saturday after the crucifixion was a dark day for Jesus’ disciples; a day of dashed dreams and extinguished expectations.

At the beginning, they gave up everything to follow him; at the end, they gave up hope.

They threw in the towel too soon, for Sunday’s shout was, “He has risen!”

The only gospel writer to mention that Saturday was Mark, crisply saying, “When the Sabbath was over”—thus introducing that glorious Sunday.

Have you experienced the agony of a Saturday of splintered hope and excruciating loss? Don’t give up! God turns dark Saturdays into bright Sundays.

Your dark Saturday will soon end, and your bright Sunday will begin. There is good and glory in your future. Prepare to be amazed.

Sunday is coming.

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