Accept one another . . .
just as Christ accepted you.
       —Romans 15:7

Do you know a Fixer? Someone, say, who married her prince charming, and then tried to remodel him? Jack was the victim of a Fixer. The marriage didn’t last. “I don’t want to be fixed,” he said, “I want to be loved the way I am.”

Don and Carla are church-hoppers. Finally (after four changes), they found the perfect church: great preacher; wonderful music director; stimulating programs; atmosphere of love. But six months in, they’ve found issues that rub them the wrong way, flaws that need to be fixed. It won’t be long ’til they’re on to number five.

Fixers think everyone should want what they want, feel like they feel, see things the way they see things.

The person whose modus operandi is fixing others soon becomes persona non grata.

Sometimes we try to fix
someone who isn’t broken.

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