Haste, Post Haste!

When I say to a wicked man, ‘You will surely die,’
and you do not warn him . . . I will hold you accountable.
                                —Ezekiel 3:18

In 16th century England, horsemen were dispatched to deliver the king’s messages.

Slothful riders squandered many hours in taverns along the way, provoking an angry King Henry VIII to issue a decree that those who delayed delivery would be hanged.

On letters of great importance, this warning was written: Haste, post haste! Haste for thy life!

Our King has dispatched an urgent message of salvation. But too often the message isn’t delivered.

The flaw isn’t in the message but in the delivery.

It’s chilling to think of an official pardon not being delivered until after the execution.

In our busy-ness let’s not neglect the King’s business.

Jesus told a healed leper to keep quiet, and he told everybody.
Jesus tells us to tell everybody, and we keep quiet.

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