Our Climate-Control God

He changes times and seasons.
                —Daniel 2:21

My friend, minister/author Gene Shelburne, reminds us that in the 1970s the scariest threat we faced was what the Washington Post called a “new ice age.”

According to Time magazine, Shelburne says, “the earth had been cooling at an unprecedented pace and scientists could detect no signs that the rate of cooling would be reversed in time to avoid massive climate crises.”

“In 1975,” he notes, “Science News published an article titled ‘Chilling Possibilities.’ It was full of terrifying prophecies about ‘the new ice age.’” Newsweek editorialized that politicians “could not be counted on to do enough to allay the effects of planetary cooling.”

“Believing in the God who set up our planet and established its seasons can quieten our climatic paranoia,” writes Shelburne.

The prophet Daniel tells us it is God who “changes times and seasons.”

If you wonder who is in control,
try changing the weather.

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