Thank You, Lord

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
                   —Psalm 118:1

The kid was throwing a supermarket fit. He didn’t look or sound like he’d often been denied. But mom said “No” to candy.

Kinda reminds you of mother Eve, doesn’t it? Eat all you want. Hundreds of fruit trees in this garden; all yours . . . except one. Satan did a number on Eve; convinced her that God was mistreating her by nixing her itch to munch a mouthful from that tree.

Are you dancing through your days thanking the Lord for what you have, or limping through life fussing about what you don’t have? Open the curtains; let the light in. Hum a “Thank You” tune . . .

Thank you Lord for loving me,
And thank you Lord for blessing me,
Thank you Lord for making me whole
And saving my soul.
—Gary L. Mabry

Take no gift for granted: neither
your next breath or next heartbeat.

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