The integrity of the upright guides them.
                  —Proverbs 11:3

Bobby Jones is on every Who’s Who list of the greatest golfers in history: winner of thirteen major championships, and the only player to win the Grand Slam (all four major tournaments) in the same calendar year (1930).

His integrity was even more impressive than his play. In the 1925 U.S. Open, the head of his club brushed the grass as he set up to make his chip shot to the 11th green, causing a slight movement of the ball that no one saw but him. Jones informed a USGA official that he was calling a penalty stroke on himself. He lost the Open by that one stroke.

Your unique characteristics identify you. Where those traits place you in the pecking order doesn’t mean much. But if integrity tops your list, you are a gold-medal winner.

Do the right thing because
it’s the right thing to do.

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