A Brand New You

I am making everything new.
—Revelation 21:5

On February 12, 2014, a sinkhole forty feet wide and thirty feet deep gashed the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, swallowing eight vintage Corvettes.

Only three were salvageable. The most valuable was the one-millionth Corvette that had rolled off the assembly line on July 2, 1992. A team of experts spent nineteen months restoring this jewel to mint condition. Car and Driver places its value north of $750,000.

Do you feel like you’ve plummeted into a sinkhole? Grown old, gone wobbly, hurt in places that never hurt before?

Damaged? Yes. Permanently? No.

The Revelator saw and heard things—new things. He saw “a new heaven and a new earth” (Rv 21:1). He heard God say, “I am making everything new” (Rv 21:5).

You’ll have a new home, with no mortgage. You’ll have a renewed body, with no pains.

Life is the journey, not the destination.

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