A Good Investment of Time

Your word is a lamp for my feet
and a light for my path.
   —Psalm 119:105

Dr. Charles Eliot, Harvard University president (1869–1909), once said a five-foot shelf of books could provide “a good substitute for a liberal education” to anyone who would devote fifteen minutes a day to reading them.

Editors from Collier told Eliot if he would pick the books to fill that shelf they would publish them. The result was the Harvard Classics, a 51-volume anthology of world literature classics, published in 1910, along with Eliot’s Reading Guide, titled “Fifteen Minutes a Day.” He called it a “portable university.”

Here’s an alternate use of time: you can read through the Bible by reading just three chapters a day six days a week and five chapters on Sunday—an investment of less than ten minutes per day.

The person who can’t read is no worse off
than the person who can but won’t.

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