Profit and Loss

What profit is there if you gain the
whole world—and lose eternal life?
      —Matthew 16:26

I remember when I first saw an IBM Selectric typewriter: “That’s the ultimate,” I thought—“they’ll never improve on that.” If you’re looking for a Selectric today, your best bet is a museum.

Alistair Cooke, host of Masterpiece Theatre, Letter from America, and author of two dozen books, was asked in 2004 by his seventeen-year-old grandson, “Grandfather, is it true you have a typewriter?”

“Yes,” replied Alistair.

“Could I see it?”

Change comes with blinding speed. We’re mesmerized by things new: the fastest computer, the latest smartphone, tech-loaded cars, Siri, Alexa, Tesla.

Change can be your friend . . . or your foe. Do you spend more time surfing, emailing, and texting than you spend reading your Bible and praying? Just asking.

Today you will exchange a
day of your life for something.

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