We Are Family

Love each other as brothers and sisters.
                —Romans 12:10

You didn’t choose me. I didn’t choose you. But God chose us both, so we are family.

Do we have differences? Sure. Differences can lead to divisiveness—but don’t have to. There are some to the “right” and some to the “left” with whom I disagree. But we’re still family.

Family fusses make no sense to me because, in spite of differences, we have so much in common: we are enthralled by the same manger, rescued by the same Savior, saved by the same cross, elated by the same empty tomb, and destined for the same home.

Slap that sentence on the fridge before you go to the meeting and write it on the chalkboard when you’re discussing differences.

God’s children don’t need to look alike,
but need to love each other a lot.

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