Bring Christ Your Broken Life

Like the clay in the potter’s hand,
so are you in my hand.
  —Jeremiah 18:6

Carpenters do two things: they make things and fix things.

Jesus was a carpenter.

He made us: “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” (Jn 1:3).

But we stumble, fall, get broken. We need to be fixed.

Jesus can fix us but waits for our permission before opening his toolbox. As a line from a Leroy Blankenship song has it: “He waits for us to bring him broken things to mend.”

When you bring him your broken heart, your shattered dream, your fractured spirit, he’s ready to go to work.

You enter the Carpenter’s shop broken and leave fixed.

The sign on the Carpenter’s door
says “Open 24/7/365”

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