You Have His Attention

Come to me, all of you who
are weary and overburdened.
    —Matthew 11:28

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, he went straight to the temple and created chaos: overturned tables and benches, ousted commercial culprits and laid into them for making the house of prayer a den of robbers (Mt 21:12–13).

The next sentence says, “The blind and the lame came to him at the temple . . .” (Mt 21:14).

“Don’t bother me!” he said. “I’m mad as a hornet and in no mood to heal.”

No. His eyes, which a minute ago were flashing with indignation, are now filled with tenderness. Standing in the litter of toppled tables, smashed benches, and scattered coins, he sympathizes with the suffering, “and he healed them.”

He may be steamed about what’s going on in our world, but when you turn to him to heal your hurting heart, you have his attention.

The compassion of Jesus is astounding,
but it’s not too good to be true.

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