Chosen, Wanted, and Adopted

You received the Spirit of adoption.
               —Romans 8:15

Rummaging through records in the college Bursar’s office, Phil stumbled on to something he’d never known—he was adopted. He hopped in his car for the two-and-a-half hour drive to the house where he grew up.

Charging through the front door, he confronted his parents. “You adopted me!” he said accusingly—then, big smile and a bear hug. “Because of you,” he said, “I’ve had a wonderful life. I got here as soon as I could, to thank you and to tell you how much I love you.”

“What were you thinking on that drive home?” I asked.

“That I was wanted! They chose me, wanted me, and adopted me.”

Do you know the feeling? God chose you, wanted you, and adopted you. You are family, with full rights: a child of God; a joint heir with Christ (Rom 8:17).

God chose you, wanted you, adopted you
and promised you a forever home.

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