Wasting Time

Make the best use of your time.
        —Ephesians 5:16

I was young, undisciplined, and disorganized. Rick was young, disciplined and organized. He had a shelf of self-help and time-management books and a big day-planner that mapped his days to the minute—the epitome of productivity.

I confess to having morphed into a fanatic about time-management. We have a limited amount of time; wasting it is unconscionable.

Let me throw out two no-brainer time savers:

First, stop worrying. Your worries are attacking brick walls with feathers—devouring time you’ll never get back.

Second, stop comparing yourself with others. Such measuring sends you pinballing between arrogance and insignificance, keeps you from knowing who you are, and prevents you from using your time doing what you do best.

You’re going to use your time doing something.
You decide what that “something” is.

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