Mother’s Day

She watches over the affairs
of her household.
 —Proverbs 31:27

Each year, on the second Sunday in May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. The most uncomfortable people on that day are mothers—both young and old—for mothers always feel overwhelmed and underqualified.

There are some things you would do differently if you had a second chance. But kids don’t stop growing long enough to give second chances.

Parenting is tough. And never mistake free. How could it be? You have to have a license to get married, drive a car, or go fishing. But there’s no qualification for parenthood beyond biology. There’s not even a required reading list.

You just have to do the best you can with the limited knowledge you have at the time, never having been a parent before; never even having been an adult before. Whew!

Considering all that, you’ve done a remarkable job.

There’s a special place in every
heart reserved for Mother.

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