Seeing the Invisible

He persevered because he
saw him who is invisible.
      —Hebrews 11:27

Seldom can you describe a person in two words, but Moses met that measure: “He persevered,” wrote the scribe of Hebrews.

Moses faced the threats of Pharaoh, the biggest bully of the era; the recurrent rebellion of the Israelites; the provoking protest of his leadership by his sister and brother; the fearful faithlessness of ten of the twelve spies he sent to scout out Canaan. He met each challenge with remarkable perseverance.

What was the source of his endurance? Just this: he confronted each clash focused on the invisible God, rather than on the visible aggravation.

Imitate Moses. When evil seems to be winning, when people of big position act contemptibly small, when troubles come nonstop, persevere in faith, confident in the invisible God—being “certain of what [you] do not see” (Heb 11:1).

Fix your eyes on the ultimate,
not the immediate.

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