You’re Doing More Good than You Know

[God] will not forget your work
and the love you have shown.
     —Hebrews 6:10

Here on my desk is a quickly-jotted list of the names of a dozen people—excluding relatives—who have had a life-changing influence on me. It includes my first-grade teacher, an elder in my boyhood church, and an always-encouraging elderly widow in a church where I ministered.

I doubt that any of them knew how powerfully they touched and helped guide my life.

If such things are revealed in heaven, I think you’re in for a big surprise. I’m guessing you think that your influence is negligible. If so, you’re dead wrong. By your sweet spirit and gentle affirmation, you are having a significant impact on someone without even knowing it.

As the late Dr. Norvel Young often said: “You’re doing more good than you know.”

People love those who see
something special in them.

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