No More Problems

Don’t let your heart be troubled.
           —John 14:1

Do you sometimes feel like you’re getting a lifetime of trouble dumped on you all in one day?

That’s when you need to get your gaze on Jesus. Heaven is real, and he’s gone there to prepare a place for you (Jn 14:2).

Things like golden streets and jasper walls might be a stretch for your imagination since you’ve never seen anything like that. But heaven isn’t just about what’s there; it’s also about what’s not there: no death or mourning or crying or pain (Rv 21:4), and thieves won’t steal your stuff (Mt 6:20).

In heaven you’ll never lock your doors, never be short of funds, never shed a tear, never visit the sick, never attend a funeral, never go to an emergency room or have a prescription filled.

Life here ends with two words: “The End”—
two words that aren’t in heaven’s vocabulary.

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