Lessons I Learned from My Dad (1)

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction.
                            —Proverbs 1:8

Next Sunday is Father’s Day. I’m going to devote a few posts this week to some lessons I learned from my dad. Most of these are not his words; they are my verbalization of what I absorbed from the eloquence of his life.

I learned that . . .

Failure will rarely come because I try and fail, but because I fail to try.

Success—and failure—is caused more by attitude than by aptitude.

I don’t have to be successful to start, but I have to start to be successful.

Success isn’t as much achieving what I aim at, as in aiming at what I ought to achieve.

Something needs to be done that won’t be done unless I do it.

To risk nothing is to achieve nothing.

Victories never come at bargain prices.

There’s a difference between what is
achievable and what is worth achieving.

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