My Father’s Legacy

Honor your father and your mother.
                  —Exodus 20:12

I was born in the fourth year of the Great Depression. But because of my father, I didn’t worry about things like income taxes, car payments, or mortgages. Those items landed on his desk. The bills got paid, there was food on the table, and clothes in the closet. I know now what I didn’t know then—that Dad worked from before sunrise until after sunset to make it happen.

High on the list of things I am grateful for is my father’s trust. That covers many things, but most of all, I’m grateful that he trusted me with his name and his religion. He never did anything to cause me to be ashamed of the family name, or of his devotion to the church—and he trusted me to live up to that legacy.

Thanks, Dad. You are gratefully and
fondly remembered. Happy Father’s Day.

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