Duct Tape

We have different gifts,
according to the grace given us.
               —Romans 12:6

With two sons in the military in World War II, Vesta Stoudt went to work in the Green River Ordnance Plant in Illinois, packing ammunition boxes. The boxes were sealed with paper tape that frequently tore, leaving soldiers frantically trying to claw open the boxes while under enemy fire. Vesta came up with a solution: a strong, cloth-based waterproof tape. Voilà! Duct Tape.

“Find a need and fill it.”

There are many needs to be filled—and one of them has your name on it. The beauty of volunteerism is that people don’t wait for an assignment; they see a need and step up to answer it.

To filch a phrase (with one word change) from JFK’s inaugural address: Ask not what your church can do for you—ask what you can do for your church.

There’s a need that won’t
be filled unless you fill it.

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