Listen Up

Ears that hear and eyes that see—
the Lord has made them both.
           —Proverbs 20:12

B.R. was a great guy and a super-successful businessman. Misjudging his seeming focus on the lesson, I called on him to comment, yanking him out of a coma-like state. Embarrassed, he said, “Joe, I’m so sorry, I was thinking about a project over in Scurry County.

I know the feeling—I’ve been in assemblies where my body was present, but my mind wasn’t.

In personal relationships, I’ve also been in that boat: there, but not there; present in body, but absent in mind; hearing, but not listening. This bumper sticker caught my attention: “My wife—or daughter—said I don’t listen to her.”

In one-on-ones, nothing is more disrespectful than not listening.

The self-centered are lousy listeners.

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