Good Job

There was a disciple named Tabitha
[Dorcas], who was always doing good.
                             —Acts 9:36

I have a friend who has been putting himself down as long as I’ve known him. To hear him tell it, you’d think he is Satan’s right-hand-man. It grieves me because he’s a good man—one of the best. If I were casting the Good Samaritan for summer stock, he would be my choice.

Are you beating yourself up; your number one critic?

May I suggest an alternate plan?

Think about a time when you did something good: you have a lot to choose from. Pick one and say, “Good job!” That’s not pride or arrogance; it’s acknowledging that God had something he wanted done, picked you to do it, and you said yes.

For this one day, stop the putdowns and give yourself a pat on the back.

You’ve been criticizing yourself for years.
It’s time for a different approach.

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