Thank God for Worn-Out Shoes

I have learned the secret of being happy . . . when I have
more than I need and when I do not have enough.
                                 —Philippians 4:12

Tom Bosch was a victim of company downsizing during the recession and was struggling to get by on whatever part-time work he could find. He had three children and was a good father. School was about to begin, and the children needed new shoes.

Tom was talking with some recently-moved-in neighbors about how difficult and expensive it was to raise three children—especially when they all needed new shoes.

When the lady of the house left the room crying, her husband explained that they had only one child. A botched delivery left him paralyzed from birth; he had never needed shoes.

Back home, Tom picked up the children’s shoes—worn out from skipping rope, kicking rocks, and climbing trees. He knelt by his bed—and thanked God for three pairs of worn-out shoes.

You have blessings some people
would give anything to have.

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