Some Questions We Should Ask (4)

Cast your burden on the Lord,
and he will sustain you.
          —Psalm 55:22

Here’s the fourth post about some questions we should ask.

Question #4: Is this something I should let go?

Sometimes things go sideways, and you get mistreated and wounded. It’s not fair. It’s not your fault. But there it is.

The hurt touches your feelings, but it doesn’t touch your character. Maintain your principles and values. Marcus Aurelius said: “Just do the right thing; the rest doesn’t matter.”

Someone did you wrong; that’s their problem, not yours. You’ve been criticized and judged; that’s on the critic’s plate, not yours.

The question is: How long are you going to carry this baggage? Bitterness and resentment will eat on you only as long as you let them.

The only thing that matters is that you do the right thing—that’s the only thing you can control.

You can’t control what others say and do, but you are
the only one who can control what you say and do.

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