Some Questions We Should Ask (5)

Remind me that my days are numbered.
                             —Psalm 39:4

This week we’ve been looking at some questions we should ask. Here’s our last one.

Question #5: Is it okay to say no?

It’s hard to say no to invitations, requests, demands. We don’t want to disappoint a friend, a casual acquaintance, or even a stranger.

We have a baffling relationship with time. We’re cautious with our money, but not with our time, our most valuable asset.

When someone asks for your time, they’re asking you to give up a slice of your life—often in exchange for something that may intrude on your most important calling.

When someone requests a little of your time, ask, “What if I say no?” If the answer is, “It wouldn’t make a difference” or “I’d be more productive” or “I’d be happier”—find a nice way to say no.

Spend an hour however you choose
—but realize you’ll never get it back.

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