Trust Jesus with Your Weakness

My power is made perfect in weakness.
                  —2 Corinthians 12:9

Jesus called a man with a deformed hand to the front of the church: “Get up and stand in front of everyone . . . Stretch out your hand” (Lk 6:8, 10).

How humiliating! The last thing this poor man wanted to do was expose his deformity. But it was something he had to do if he was to be healed. He stretched out his hand—and it was immediately and completely restored.

In a captivating sermon, my friend, Ken Stegall, asked a question that jarred me: “Do you trust Jesus with your weakness?”

We are reluctant to reveal our weakness—our secret sin. But it must be disclosed to Jesus if we are to be healed and saved. Faith is a conviction that Jesus can be trusted—even with our weakness.

Trust Jesus to take out the trash.

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