Your Ever-Present Father

The Lord watches over
those who trust in his love.
         —Psalm 33:18

Caseworkers reported that Debbie had been molested. She was placed in a rehabilitation facility for abused children while CPS sought answers.

Debbie was lonely and angry—she felt abandoned. Parental contact was limited to once-a-month supervised visits. Her father disappeared; her mother was cleared of any misconduct, and mother and child were reunited.

When Debbie was old enough to understand, her mom explained that, except for the monthly visits, she had been prohibited from having any contact with her. “But I stood outside the fence every day, watching you play,” she said

There are seasons in life when things go sideways, and God seems absent. But though you can’t see God, he sees you. “The Lord is there to rescue all who are discouraged and have given up hope” (Ps 34:18).

You don’t see God anywhere,
but you sense him everywhere.

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