Gifts and Givers

How can they preach
unless they are sent?
   —Romans 10:15

When Paul and company beached their boat at Malta, they enjoyed the hospitality of Publius. Paul healed Publius’s ill father—and many other sick islanders.

Paul had the gift of healing, yet had his lingering “thorn in the flesh.” He healed others but could not heal himself.

Many have brought gifts to others, which they were personally denied. Beethoven gave the world some of its most enduring music, which he could not hear because he was deaf. Helen Keller gave inspiring prose to the world, which she could not read because she was blind.

You bring a gift to others, which may be denied to you. Without the support of those who can’t preach, those who can couldn’t. Ditto for every mission and ministry.

Your gift may not be the doing,
but the enabling.

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