A Chosen Instrument

This man is my chosen instrument.
                                —Acts 9:15

Saul was in town. The Lord gave Ananias his address and told him to go see him. Ananias didn’t want to do that—knowing that Saul had savaged many saints in Jerusalem and had come to Damascus to set up a satellite franchise.

The Lord said, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles.”

The Lord chooses his tools for his tasks.

He chose Saul to be an apostle—before Saul knew it.

He chose Ananias to be the point-man in Saul’s conversion—before Ananias knew it.

He chose Barnabas to rescue Saul from obscurity and launch his ministry—before Barnabas knew it.

The Lord had the work of each mapped out in advance.

Yours too. You may have discovered what it is. Or maybe not. Stay alert.

God has chosen you for
something special. Don’t resist.

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