It’s Not Too Late to Change

Let God transform you into a new person.
                            —Romans 12:2

Do others see you the same way you see yourself?

If your personality traits—as seen by others—were described in single words, what would those words be?

Compassionate or Cold?
Positive or Negative?
Cheerful or Whiny?
Sweet or Unpleasant?
Cordial or Critical?
Generous or Selfish?
Grateful or Cranky?
Happy or Grouchy?
Humble or Arrogant?
Agreeable or Combative?
Tolerant or Judgmental?
Gentle or Harsh?
Kind or Antagonistic?
Respectful or Rude?
Friendly or Hostile?

It’s not too late to change.

Give others another chance—
and yourself too.

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