Someone is Listening

Whatever you have said in the dark
will be heard in the light.
          —Luke 12:3

Coronavirus had shuttered services at Bertha’s church, so she was live-streaming a sermon on Sunday morning.

The minister was lamenting how depersonalized life had become. He said, “A person doesn’t even need to go to a store anymore; she can just say, “Alexa, order toilet paper.” Bertha heard the voice from her Amazon Echo speaker across the room say, “Okay, I’ve added it to your cart.”

Alexa, Siri—and gadgets we don’t even know about—are listening. Add to that email, texting, and the proliferation of social media sites, and there are a lot of ears and eyes picking up what you say.

Before diving into back-fence gossip—either face-to-face or digitally—mentally monitor what you’re about to say before you say it because once you say it, you can’t unsay it.

Nothing travels faster than light,
with the possible exception of gossip.

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