A Big Little Word

If you continue in my word,
you are truly my disciples.
            —John 8:31

It consists of only two letters—but “If” is a very big word. It speaks to conditions that we must meet if we are to receive the promises of God.

The Lord doesn’t insist on our obedience. He tells us what we ought to do but doesn’t force us to do it. Jesus prefaced his descriptions of discipleship with an “If”—meaning, it’s your choice.

If” you love Me, keep My commandments,” he said (Jn 14:15). Your choice.

If” anyone would come after me, let him deny himself,” he said (Lk 9:23). Your choice.

If we love him and If we desire to follow him, we will do what he says without question. But if our If is conditional, we have put something or someone in first place. And he doesn’t accept second place.

There can only be one Number One in your life.

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