Fact-Check Your Information

Apply your heart to instruction
and your ears to words of knowledge.
                  —Proverbs 23:12

While vacationing in New York City, Winn Collier and his wife hailed a taxi to take them from their hotel to a restaurant three miles away. The driver entered the address into the service app and gave them a price of $1,547.26. Winn almost had a heart attack—then realized he had mistakenly requested a ride to their home several hundred miles away.

Working with wrong information will get you wrong results—every time.

More than once, a wrong medical diagnosis has resulted in death. Countless times, false information, via gossip or accusation, has resulted in flawed judgment, fractured relationships, and ruined reputations.

Wrong information can have eternal consequences. Don’t risk your salvation on what someone says the Bible says. Secure it on what the Bible actually says.

The adage “Measure twice, cut once”
is good advice.

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