Your Part in the Story

Our salvation is nearer now
than when we first believed.
          —Romans 13:11

Ernest Hemingway was asked if he could write a compelling story in six words. He said he could—and this is what he wrote: “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

Haunting! It pains us to imagine the details.

The most compelling stories stimulate our imagination and draw us in until we become participants in the story.

God’s story, in broad strokes: God created the world and everything in it; sin entered, and humanity was alienated from God; Jesus was sent to earth to save sinful humans; he died, was raised, ascended; we now await his return—and eternity.

And that’s where you become a participant in the story. Knowing the backstory and the end-story, you determine how you presently perform your part in the wait time.

At this moment in history,
you’re on stage.

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