Time for a Change?

Be made new in the attitude of your minds.
                             —Ephesians 4:23

Larry Walters was sitting around doing nothing and thought it was time for that to change. So he purchased forty-three weather balloons, a lawn chair, and a pellet gun.

On July 2, 1982, Larry filled the balloons with helium, attached them to the chair, strapped himself in, and lifted off from the backyard of his home in San Pedro, California. He rose rapidly to 16,000 feet, violating LAX airspace.

To descend, Walters shot several of the balloons with his pellet gun and was on the ground and under arrest after a forty-five-minute flight.

I wouldn’t advise that kind of insane change. But I do challenge you to look inward to see if some change is in order.

Think of one thing you need to change. A habit? An attitude? Today would be a good time to launch that flight.

If you don’t change, you don’t grow.

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