You’re Not a Robot

Do not merely listen to the word . . .
Do what it says.
  —James 1:22

Voice activation has arrived.

Speak an address, and your GPS will map your destination and talk you to it.

Speak a name, and your phone will call that person’s number.

Speak to your computer, and it will type your words without your keyboarding.

From your television to your toaster, speak, and your orders are obeyed.

God could have made you that way—a voice-activated robot disciple, programmed to do what you’re told.

But he didn’t.

He made you, told you what he wants you to be and do, and gave you the freedom to say, “I will” or “I won’t.”

When you pray, you want God to hear and answer.

When God speaks, he wants you to hear and do.

But he leaves that choice to you.

When God calls, answer,
“At your service!”

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