Going Marveling

Encourage one another
and build each other up.
 —1 Thessalonians 5:11

I recently read of a small town where everyone went walking on Sunday afternoons. They called it “going marveling.” They looked for unusual rocks, shells, flowers, four-leaf clovers—marvelous things. What a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon—going marveling.

I went marveling myself Sunday. I walked into a wonderful church and experienced some marvelous things. There were hymns—and they were marvelous. There were prayers—and they were marvelous. There was a sermon—and it was marvelous. The Lord’s Supper was observed—and it was marvelous.

People were fellowshipping, loving each other, encouraging one another—and it was marvelous.

All of that was going on within the four walls of that church. I was blessed, my life was enriched—and I thanked God that I had gone marveling.

Don’t take your church for granted—
it is marvelous.

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