Winners and Losers

Everyone who competes in the
games goes into strict training.
              —1 Corinthians 9:25

Self-control. Self-discipline. Ugh! Who wants to think about that? You do if you want to win—because you can’t win without it.

  • No athlete consistently wins without it.
  • No musician achieves excellence without it.
  • No weight-loss program is maintained without it.
  • No exercise regimen works without it.
  • No knowledge is increased without it.
  • No temptation is defeated without it.

And it is a requirement of the Christian life.

Paul wrote Titus a “User Guide” to get the church in Crete sound and healthy. A primary objective was to develop self-control: by church elders (1:8), old men (2:2), old women (2:3), young women (2:5), young men (2:6)—every Christian (2:12).

Self-control: those who have it are winners; those who don’t have it are losers.

Success is impossible without self-discipline.

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