Watch Out for These Traps

The unfaithful are trapped by evil desires.
                             —Proverbs 11:6

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that attracts its prey with sweet-smelling nectar. Its leaves have spiked teeth that snap shut in less than a second when an insect lands on them, encapsulating its victim.

The Bible warns of some traps that can be spiritually fatal.

The Trap of Enticement

Joshua cautioned Israel to refuse to worship the gods or marry the people of the nations they conquered: “They will become snares and traps for you,” he said (Jo 23:13).

The Trap of Indulgence

Solomon warned that “the unfaithful are trapped by evil desires” (Prv 11:6).

The Trap of Gratification

Paul wrote: “People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction” (1 Tm 6:9).

One reason traps entrap us is that we
think we’re too strong or too smart to let them.

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