Let Your Pictures Speak to You

Though he is dead, he still speaks.
                 —Hebrews 11:4

That picture on your wall, table, or shelf is like a window on the past. It brings memories. Let it speak to you.

On a nearby shelf is a picture of my mother. When I am critical and judgmental, I glance at her likeness and hear her whisper, “Be gentle.”

A picture of my father hangs on the wall a few feet from where I sit. “Control your thoughts and attitudes,” he says.

On my bookcase is a picture of my maternal grandmother. I look at that picture and hear her say, “Be a good man, Joe.”

I adore them, and I don’t want to disappoint them.

Let the likenesses of those you have cherished speak to you. Allow those who have loved you most help you live up to your best.

Respect the past
by living honorably in the present.

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