Smile, You’re on Camera

You are the God who sees me.
             —Genesis 16:13

License plate recognition cameras are perched on toll booth canopies in Houston. Thinking they could game the system, six non-paying scofflaws amassed debts of more than $30,000; the most egregious violator racked up $46,000.

Some people, edgy about judgment, think God has a heavenly camera focused on them, just waiting to catch them in a straight-to-hell sin. Terrifying!

For sure, God sees all. But he is your Father. Parents are more eager to see their child’s good deeds than their misdeeds. You don’t take pictures of your child to point out their blemishes but to display their beauty.

Your Father isn’t a “gotcha” God. On the contrary, he has his eye on you, smiling at every encouraging word you speak and every good thing you do—your proud parent.

Your relationship with your heavenly Father
should be exhilarating, not terrifying.

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