You Have to Learn It

I have learned to be content.
        —Philippians 4:11

When I’m out for exercise, I sometimes encounter a stretch of road where cars line both sides of the street for a block or so. I know what’s up—the trail is going to end at a yard sale where someone is getting rid of stuff they once thought they had to have.

A perusal of items that have accumulated on the back of the shelves of your closet might cause you to ask, “What was I thinking?”

Strolling through the vendors’ stalls in Athens, viewing the plethora of products for sale, Socrates said, “Ah, how many things I have no need of.”

Paul said, “I have learned to be content.” Neither he nor we were born with contentment. Paul said he learned to be content. A worthy goal for us all.

“Wants” and “Needs” are not synonyms.

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