Blessings You Haven’t Asked For

I praise you because you made me
in an amazing and wonderful way.
                 —Psalm 139:14

I’m grateful God answers prayer. I’m also thankful that he gives blessings we don’t pray for.

Did you ask for oxygen any time in the past twenty-four hours? Didn’t think so. But it’s essential to your life.

Did you post a prayer requesting blood flow today? Didn’t think so. But if blood flow to your brain was cut off for ten seconds, you would lose consciousness; if it was suspended for five minutes, you would have permanent brain damage.

Did you spend prayer time this morning asking for gravity that keeps you anchored to terra firma? Didn’t think so. But you would be floating in space, sans spacesuit, without it.

It wouldn’t take much thought to make a long list of good things you have received that you didn’t ask for.

Thank God today for unrequested blessings.

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