Today Is the Only Day You Have

Live one day at a time.
      —Matthew 6:34

Romancing the yesterdays or the tomorrows is a prescription for missing the joy of today.

Are you immersed in memories of some yesterdays? You were young. Life was fun. Health was good. Those who have meant the most to you were alive and nearby. Now those days are gone. Life is lonely. Your world has changed. You wonder if your life has any remaining relevance.

Or are you absorbed in dreams of some tomorrows? Life will be good when you get married—or unmarried. Or get the kids grown and gone. Or get a better job. Or retire with a healthy bank balance.

Resist living in “rewind” or “fast-forward.”

Jesus’ advice is to live today: “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now” (Mt 6:34 MSG).

Don’t let a promising today be hijacked
by an unchangeable yesterday or an unknown tomorrow.

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