Hang On—He Will Come to You

Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.
                           —Mark 6:50

Jesus’ disciples were in a frightful storm. They had expected him to join them on their lake crossing, but “Jesus had not yet come to them” (Jn 6:17).

Where was he? Why was he waiting so long? The answer to the first question is that he was on a mountain, watching them as they fought the storm. I don’t know the answer to the second question.

But eventually, he came. “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Then he climbed into the boat with them, and the wind died down” (Mk 6:50–51).

He is aware of the storm that’s hammering you. He is watching. So, why hasn’t he yet come to you? I don’t know. But he will. Hang on! He will come—and the storm will stop.

Be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord (Ps. 27:14).

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