Just Get Started

Remember how fleeting is my life.
                      —Psalm 89:47

F.W. Boreham wrote forty-eight books, the last having been published in 1961.

C.S. Lewis wrote more than sixty books, the last having been published in 1963.

These two influential and prolific authors both confessed that the most difficult part of writing was beginning. But begin they did. And finish they did. They were patient at their craft, and their writings continue to bless the world.

Reluctance to begin—in any area, not just writing—is what keeps us from being as productive as we should and could be.

What is it that you need to do, intend to do, but haven’t done? Refuse to accept the excuses you have used to explain why you haven’t done it. There is a strong probability that you haven’t completed it because you haven’t begun it.

You never finish what you never start.

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