Mind Your Own Business

You should mind your own business.
             —1 Thessalonians 4:11

  1. I resolve that when I think critically of someone, I will remind myself to mind my own business.
  2. I resolve to reject fixating on another’s flaws and focusing instead on my own.
  3. I resolve to remember that I will be weighed on the same scale that I use in weighing others.
  4. I resolve to be aware that putting someone down doesn’t build me up.
  5. I resolve that instead of obsessing about what I dislike about a person, I will think about some commendable quality they possess.
  6. I resolve that when I say something critical about a person, I will spend an equal amount of time praying for them.
  7. I resolve to speak in such a way that no one will have reason to say to me, “Mind your own business!”

If it’s none of your business
don’t stick your nose in it.

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