Forgiven and Forgotten

Blessed are those whose
transgressions are forgiven.
            —Romans 4:7

People thought she was whacko. She claimed that she and Jesus talked one-on-one every night and that he revealed to her the misdeeds of people who thought their sins were secret.

Someone told her she should validate these alleged conversations by asking her minister if she was really talking with Jesus or hallucinating.

So, she did. The minister, tormented by a sin he had committed many years before, told her the next time she talked to Jesus to ask him what his sin was.

The next day he asked her if she had spoken with Jesus. She said she had.

“What did he say my sin was?”

“He said he forgot.”

Now that’s a story about forgetting that’s worth remembering. God forgives and forgets confessed sins (Heb 10:17; 1 Jn 1:9).

Remember your confessed sin? God doesn’t.

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